The late Mrs. Elvira G. Salinas signs the save the Plaza petition.  Mrs. Salinas last  wishes were to see the Mexican movie idols of her youth one last time on the silver screen.  Mrs. Salinas remains  the inspirational force behind our effort, and symbolizes the need that our seniors have in regard to entertainment.

The City of Laredo is undergoing plans to refurbish the Classic Plaza Theatre. If you are from Laredo you will recall fond memories of growing up at the Plaza Theatre, the warm welcome of Pancho Mendoza lifetime worker, who retired as general manager.
The current plans for the Plaza Theatre are to convert it into an Arts & Culture Center. This in the opinion of Project Big Step would not be of great benefit to the vast majority of Laredo and it's surrounding communities. Our goal is to preserve the Plaza Theatre to what it was created to be back in 1946 a movie house, which for those of us who are old enough will recall the Saturday morning kiddy shows and bottle cap or milk tab entrance fees, among other memories. Those of you who are younger have other fond memories. Also those ahead of us should be given the opportunity of having fun memories they will also cherish.

Project Big Step's goal is to create a Dollar Cinema Theatre with an all dollar concession stand. But we need your help, together we can work to benefit not only the Lower income families, but everyone in general. A 10 year agreement between the city of Laredo and United Artist limits the Plaza to non-theatrical use, meaning it can not show movies for ten years. 10 years plus the 5 which the Plaza has been  idle represents an entire generation that has gone without proper affordable entertainment. Your city leaders will be spending over a million dollars to refurbish the Plaza. The present plans will not serve the very people which all this federal funds were intended to help. Your involvement is crucial, contact your city councilman and ask them to introduce a resolution that will wave this 10 year clause which the city signed in the sales agreement when they purchased the theater.  Keep in mind that this federal funds are intended to help everyone and not just the selected few.

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