Ernesto Uribe sent me this note:
A young Laredoan has made it as an actress on National TV and is staring in “Blindspot” on NBC Monday Night.
This young actor is Audrey Esparza from Laredo. She is the daughter of Sandra and Felipe Esparza (my first cousin}. Felipe is a pediatric dentist and is the son of Jorge and my aunt Raquel (Uribe) Esparza… both Jorge and Raquel taught math in the Laredo Independent School District for many years at Christen  Jr. High and Martin High School.
Audrey is a genuine Laredoan. After paying her dues as a struggling actor in New York City, Audrey Esparza has finally made it as a staring actor in “Blind Spot” on NBC Monday Night. Check her out.

NEO NOTE: Of all goodies on the web, the interview of Audrey by terrific writer Celia Fernandez on the LATINA MAGAZINE website was the best.  Enjoy:



Audrey Esparza is a newcomer to the primetime scene and she is ready to hit the ground running. The actress is set to play Tasha Zapata on NBC’s new show Blindspot. Tasha is a hardworking FBI agent that doesn’t know how to balance her home and her work life. She gave the scoop on her character and what we can expect from this new series.

What can you tell us about your character Tasha?

Tasha is a lot of fun to play. She’s really good at her job; she’s very spoken. Tasha has the ability to take in an entire scene quicker than most people. She isn’t great dealing with her personal life. She kind of can’t figure out how to have both right now, she just does one or the other, and she just chooses work.

How do you incorporate your Latin roots into your character?

She’s Latin because I’m Latin. Whatever essence I bring; I bring to every character. I don’t feel like I have to infuse her with what an outsider would think is Latin. My choices might be influenced by my cultural background just like anybody else’s. But I don’t consciously make her Latin because I just am who I am as a human being.

Are there moments on the show where she speaks in Spanish or is it just strictly English?

She does speak Spanish when necessary. It’s definitely in her skill set. English is probably her first language as it is mine. She probably learned it at the same time the way I did. If necessary, she’ll speak Spanish.

So, what’s your favorite thing about playing Tasha?

I feel like I’m working with one of the coolest teams on television right now. As a working actor, I’m somebody that’s inspired to be a working actor. I have a call time. To know every night that I get to wake up and do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do is the most exciting part whenever I have a job. It seems to be a little ongoing; it’s crazy, and exciting, and I feel lucky everyday I get to do it.

That’s awesome, we can tell from your voice your excitement about it.

I am. I’m from Laredo, Texas. I’m from the border. I knew a long time ago that I loved New York City. To actually be in it and live in it is really exciting, and I’m very happy to be in this situation.

So, what attracted you to the role?

Well, I had just gotten off of doing a role for “Public Morals”. It’s a TNT show. I played a very lousy prostitute. I read a bunch of scripts but this particular script; the Blindspot as a whole caught me. To be honest, Tasha’s part isn’t huge in the pilot but it definitely grows. I could see that it was somebody who was quiet and calculated in this period looking very different. As soon as I finished reading, the script I was like “Oh my god. This script is super special” and I knew I wanted to be a part of it in any capacity. What was exciting about getting it was that Tasha was open ethnicity. She wasn’t supposed to be Latin. She’s Latin because I’m Latin.

How are you and Tasha alike?

I like to prepare as much as possible for whatever job I’m in. I like to research, and know as much about a subject as possible, and she has that quality. In that way we’re very similar. I think she’s also really good at reading people. I think I also have that skill. What’s most exciting about playing her is our parts that are different. Her inability to communicate with other people; I am fascinated by people, and love talking to them, she doesn’t. That’s exciting for me to play.

What did you do to prepare for this role?

When we found out that we were going to go into series, it was so cool. They set us up with an FBI agent, and I went to the shooting range. I also read as many memoirs as I could about the FBI. I tried my best just to read it, and understand it. For me, it was really important to understand what an agent is as a human being as opposed to who they are as the heroes from TV. I think it’s really easy to have this preconceived notion of what kind of a person is heroic. To read these memoirs and to realize that they’re just human beings, and that they fear the way we fear was a really important thing for me.

What’s it like playing an FBI agent?

It’s so much fun! I do feel a certain amount of responsibility because these men and women exist. I’m sitting here talking to you about to prepare for an explosion. We’re going to blow something up in about ten minutes. The hardest part for me is “ Okay, don’t get too excited. Take this seriously, people actually do this.” I’m constantly wavering between those two parts of me. We blow things up, we shoot weapons, we’re running through New York City. It’s a great job. It’s very easy to wake up every morning because I have so much to look forward to.

What’s it like on set?

It’s great. My cast mates are fun, smart, and incredible actors. I spend most of my time with Rob Brown, who I feel is like the brother that I never had. Set is great, it’s such a great work environment. Martin Gero, our creator managed somehow to pick a group of people that are not only talented but kind and thoughtful human beings.

What do you think about the storyline for the show?

The Blindspot is a show that never stops. It’s like a free train, as soon as the opening credits go, the audience go. By the time you get to the end, you’re dying to know what happens next.

Does your character have a love interest?


What’s it like working on set with all the other characters? Like Jaimie Alexander, and the main character Sullivan?

Everybody is great. We managed very early to develop a very tight bond. We spend a lot of time together on and off set. It’s good; we have a nice family on set.

What can we expect from this season?

I think that Blindspot is going to get your heart racing. Expect everything and everything you think you know about the show, you might’ve thought wrong.

Are you working on any other projects?

I just finished “ Public Morals” which just started airing about two weeks ago. That one was so much fun. It was a life long dream to get to work with Ed Burns. He’s smart, kind, and as talented as he is character. That was so much fun, and the character like I told you is so much different from Tasha.

Make sure to check out the series premiere of Blindspot on NBC at 10/9c

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