Julia Vera, Laredo’s gift to Hollywood, spent part of February on location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working on a new Netflix movie by Adam Sandler.

The movie is “The Ridiculous Six,” which is a contination of Sandler’s previous movies by the same name.


When Julia was on location, the temperature was at 10 degrees.  But now, about the movie…


 Adrian Gomez of Reel NM explains that the New Mexico Film Office reported that the production took  place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will shoot through May 1. Along with Sandler, other stars include Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, and Nick Nolte. The movie employs at least 200 New Mexico crew members, and 250 New Mexico actors and other talent. The movie is directed by Frank Coraci, who also directed Sandler’s hit, “The Wedding Singer.”

Upon returning to Los Angeles  Julia Vera wrote abut her experience in the film:

I am back from Santa Fe New Mexico. 

Looking out my Hotel Santa Fe window it was beautiful to see the snow falling and falling and falling. The shooting of Ridiculous 6, Adam Sandler’s new production to be shown on Netflix, was very hard to shoot during the snow storm. On Wednesday February 25 it cleared up and we did an out door scene. I am up on the second story of my ” Lopez Hotel” . By 3PM a cold wind started to blow and it became brutally cold. Up where I was there was no cover. Someone sent an electric heater and it kind of help. But when I had to shoot the scene all covers came off. Brrrr.

On Friday Feb 27th the next scene was indoors on a brand new Sound Stage. The hotel bedroom was built inside the stage so it was much better. On this scene again its only Adam Sandler in the role of Tommy and I. I was brought up for rehearsal and camera positioning and also sound boom microphones. THEN IT HIT ME. I AM SHOOTING A SCENE WITH ADAM SANDLER. THE ENORMITY OF THE REALIZATION HIT ME HARD.
The director came over to ask me if I was okay. For the first time since I have been in this business I confessed that I was scare. Let me explain. Adam Sandler is one of the must successful Actor/producer in town. Just last year he made 36 Million dollars. For me to be part of this project scared me. I did not wanted to fail. I did not wanted to ruin the scene. Also I am very conscientious that any delay in filming can cost thousands of dollars.

The director, Frank Corsaci, was very reassuring and told me to relax and enjoy myself. Adam also told me that we had all day to do the scene. The script supervisor said that if I needed a line to just call out “Line” and she would give it to me. One of the camera man gave me water to drink and everybody was smiling and looking at me like “no big deal”. We rehearsed a few more time and then we took a break while the lights and cameras were positioned to the director’s satisfaction. We were called back on set and the filming began. I screwed up a few times but right away both the director and Adam would say that was great, you are doing great. Lets do it again. The director would make some adjustments and all in all it took almost 4 hours to do a scene that the audience might see only maybe a couple of minutes. First the camera is on Adam with various takes. Like close ups and wide angle. Then it takes time to turn everything around for my time on camera. The camera is then position at different distances. So we shoot and shoot. The trick is to always say the lines exactly the same and to move from one mark to the other exactly at the same time it was done before. The editing of the film has to be time perfectly for cutting.

After I finished shooting I had to wait around until everyone had looked at what they had shot and it was approved by the director and Adam. After what seem an eternity the director came over to me and congratulated me and told that I had done a great job. Adam came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and also said that I had done a “Good Job”. I kept saying thank you to everybody over and over.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the crew was huge. I had two assistants taking care of me. God forbid I should trip and fall and hurt myself and ruin the shoot. Also I was happy to see so many people working. In this business you never know when you’ll work again. Once the filming is done you are out of a job.

One thing you must know about the film business. No one with a negative or bad attitude is tolerated. They can be fired in an instant. That goes from the top to the bottom. So everyone working on a shoot has to have the best disposition. Adam Sandler has the same people working for him since he started out. I met his assistant and he told me he has been with Adam 27 years.

The assistant called me Saturday to tell me that Adam was inviting everyone to dinner that was not able to leave because of the storm, all airports were closed. I told him that I had not brought any clothes for going out and he said not to worry that everyone is in jeans, T-Shirts and flip flops, of course he was exaggerating. But yes everyone was dressed in Jeans and T-shirts and heavy jackets cause it was still very cold.

The dinner party was like a family reunion. The director came over to me with a big smile and hugged me and told me that I was very funny and that everyone was delighted with my work. Adam gave me a thumbs up and told me that I had done a good job. He also gave me a hug and introduced me to his wife and two little girls.

The storm went away by Sunday and I was able to fly out. I had work waiting for me. On March 3rd I reported to the Disney sound studio to do 4 episodes of PRINCESS ELENA OF AVALOR. During the time I was gone the other actors in the series had done the episodes so I had to make up the work to catch up . Now for another surprise. It was my understanding that I was to work about 2 hours. And believed that I was only going to be paid for one day. Well, it turned out that each episode had its own pay. So I got paid for 4 days for 2 hours of work. I’m not going to tell how much it was only to say: I love this business.

Today I got a revised contract from Ridiculous 6. They increased my pay. Thank you God.

I should be going back to Santa Fe for one last scene : THE WEDDING OF TOMMY AND HIS INDIAN BRIDE.”

I give thanks to God for blessing me daily and I thank Him loudly and with great appreciation.

Neo I also thank God for you. You are the only one I can share my adventures cause you have known me since I was a kid. You have been supportive and caring. Love how excited you get when I call you and relate all that is happening to me. Stay healthy there is more to come.

NEO NOTE: And now you know why I love Julia Vera! On a closing note, Julia explains: my son, Pembrooke Andrews, a high tech specialist in film and television, works in an office immediately next to Adam Sandler’s office  in Hollywood. They visit every day when they run into each other in the hallway!

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