Augie  Uribe at Summit, Iliniza Sur.  Ecuador

Auugust (Augie) Uribe likes to climb high mountains every year  between Christmas and New Year’s Day. So far, he’s climbed 16. He’s the son of Laredo Martin High alumni  Ernesto and Sarah Meade Uribe.


August Uribbe was born on the 18th of December in Barranquilla in Colombia. He attended public elementary school in Falls Church, Virginia while his father was posted in Washington before going to Tegucigalpa, Honduras where he attended a private Mennonite middle school before going to Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX for high school. He was a good student and lettered in both track and fencing. He was also a member of the MMA mounted detachment.


August went on to Princeton University where he majored in Politics and Latin American Studies. At Princeton he proved to be a tremendous athlete and was captain of the Princeton Fencing team his senior year and also earned varsity letters in track as a sprinter.and member of the 400 meter relay team.


Upon graduating from Princeton, Augie worked for a small art gallery in New York that specialized in Latin American art and was eventually hired by Sotheby’s as the head of their Latin American Art division where he worked for some 12 years before taking a job with the prestigious Phillips Art Gallery where he is the Worldwide Co-Head of Contemporary Art.

Augie got his love for mountains when we used to go up into the mountains fishing and hunting in Colombia and Bolivia. His father remembers him looking up and just staring at the mountain peaks around him,  especially in Bolivia where they would fish in glacier lakes.


Augie trains all year in a downtown New York City gym that is two blocks from his apartment in order to be able to climb.

Mountains that Augie has climbed… 16 CLIMBS !

All mountains are in Ecuador unless otherwise noted in Bold type:

Mexico, Mt. Orizaba (Citlatepeti), 18,406

5,636 meters

Japan. Mt. Fuji. 12,388
3,776 meters

Pasochoa: 13,779
4,200 meters

Gua Gua Pichincha. 15,686
4,781 meters

Corazón: 15,709
4788 meters

Ruco Pichincha: 15,750

France. Mont Blanc: 15,782
4810 meters

Iliniza Norte: 16,818

Mexico. Iztaccíhuatl: 17,323

*El Altar (Obispo): 17,454
Did not summit, got snowed out.

Illiniza Sur: 17,474 (twice)

Antizana: 18,886

Cayambe: 19,029

Cotopaxi: 19,347
5,897 meters

Chimborazo: 20,702
6,310 meters

Argentina, Aconcagua: 22,837

6,960 meters

As soon as he could  afford  it,   he started mountain climbing in Ecuador, the land of his birth and continues to climb whenever he has time.. He  has climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan; Mont Blanc in France; Iztaccíhuatl Volcano in Eastern exico; and the tallest peak in the western hemisphere, Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.

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