FEB. 2015

After all the publicity about a major honors event in Laredo in January, I asked honoree  Ernesto Uribe for comments re: his being  honored in such a big way.

He answered:
I don’t remember who recommended me for the Latin American SPORTS HALL OF FAME. I received a request for information regarding my achievements in Track at Texas A&M and if I had proof of these achievements.
For a while, I was confused as to how I could prove that I had even run track, and the fact that I had three Varsity letters in track and had been the team’s high-point scorer all three years.
In those days, freshmen could not compete in varsity sports or I would have lettered that year also since I beat all the upperclassmen in the hurdles and all but one senior in the sprints.
I finally remembered that there were pictures of me running track in the Texas A&M yearbook “AGGIELAND” that could verify what had been told to the SPORTS HALL OF FAME selection committee.
I knew next to nothing about the “Hall of Fame” in Laredo, so I decided to investigate the organization and discovered that many Hispanic sportsmen had been inducted and that it would be an honor to be listed among them.
The inductees for the 2014 was an assorted group of athletes, coaches and sports writers.
There was a Mexican soccer player who played for Mexico in the FIFA World Cup in 1986, a Mexican professional wrestler and six time World Champion, the president of the US Tennis Association, a fantastic horse racing jockey who had been a Triple Crown winner, and a famous Mexican baseball player and historian.
The individual who impressed me the most as a baseball coach from Laredo who had taken his team to the championship of the 2011 Pony League World Series. To me, this gentleman had contributed the most to sports because he was forming young men and to me, that made more of an athlete ceremony and meeting with my Martin High School classmates who were members of the team that had won the AAA Texas State Championship in Basketball in 1956.
I had a wonderful time during the induction

 NEO NOTE: Some personal history on Ernesto:

I was born in Hebbronville in 1937. My father was the office manager for the Central Power and Light Co. in Hebron.
My mother and I moved to Laredo when I was eight months old because my father died and we had to go live with my grandparents.
My schooling was my first four years in St. Peter Elementary and I was in St. Augustine from the 5th to the 8th grade. I went on to Martin High for four years and for six years to A&M and obtained two undergraduate degrees and a master’s. Not bad for a left-handed exican.
I can give you more detailed information if I send you the first chapter of my memoirs that I am writing.
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