By Dr. Neo Gutierrez
February 2018


A person one should be proud to know:  JULIA VERA !

I first met Julia when she was my dance student for one year when she was in the 9th grade and I taught at Christen Jr. High School in Laredo, Texas.

And here we are today, still connecting as friends.

Julia didn’t start her show biz career till age 47; she is now 75. Her list of accomplishments in Hollywood films and television are easily available if you search her name on the internet.

But the reason for spotlighting her here today is a video that was just made available, which is an interview she did for television recently. Click below and see if you don’t agree that is, indeed, a super human being and artist:



Subject: La gran actriz Julia Vera con una carrera muy exitosa en Hollywood – 

Let’s close with a note from Julia:



Dear Neo,

Sharing you with my latest adventures. Basketball season is here and I find myself running from one Recreational Park to another. Briseis is doing very well as an athelete. But the very exciting news to us is that Brolack 5 years of age and as you remember a heart transplante recipient is also playing basketball. He is the shortest of all his team mates but he plays with a lot of enthusiasm. Most of the time the games are at the same time and the same day. We have to split up. The family, that is .

As for me I have two projects cooking. We are in preproduction for a short film which we hope we can raise enough money to make it into a feature film. Also I am assisting a producer with a film from Madrid Spain. An actor from Spain, Jorge Munoz, has written a very good script . Its a horror film all in Spanish .
The Screen Actors Guild has a low budget film contract. We are looking to cast actors from the Union because most of them are very professional . This project is also in PreProduction. Sometimes it takes almost a year before principal shooting starts .

Most of last year I worked on Princess Elena of Avalor doing the voice for the animation character, Abuela Luisa. I thank God for this wonderful gig. This year Princess Elena will have its second film. I have already worked on it. Because I prepared my lines days before I go to record it usually takes me half an hour to record. For that half hour I get paid as it was an hour. The rate of pay is a little under a thousand dollars. 

lso last year I was flown to Atlanta Georgia to work on the new Marvel movie. Antman and the Wasp in the role of Michael Pena’s grandmother .The days I was there were beautiful . The weather was perfect . I stayed at the Georgian. Wow ! Elegant and beautiful hotel. Thanks to our Actor’s Union we are treated to the best : First Class flight and 5 Star Hotels. All expenses paid or we get a per diem . 

In January I was invited to The Dante Show in Anaheim, CA very close to Disney Land. I had been invited but I was kind of skeptical about myself bringing something interesting to the show. I am so glad I did it . It has been very well received and watch by many people. I am inclosing it so that you can share it in your column . 

Big surprise I met Norman Lear and he told me he had been stationed in Laredo when he was a pilot. How I met him I will leave for later .

Neo thank you for always being there for me and listening to my chit chat and also so encouraging me y darme animo .

Love you so much .

Julia Vera Andrews

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