APRIL  2017
Laredo’s gift to Hollywood, Julia Vera now of Los Angeles, had to travel to Vancouver, Canada, for her latest acting job. It’s in a new CBS-TV series titled ZOO.
    We learn about ZOO from  Lesley Goldberg, who explains:

Zoo is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans across the planet. As the assaults become more cunning, coordinated and ferocious, a young renegade biologist is thrust into the race to unlock the pandemic’s mystery before there’s no place left for people to hide.

Patterson’s novel was published in September 2012 by Little Brown and Co., and was a No. 1 New York Timesbest-seller. The book has been translated into six languages and has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

The deal comes after Pinkner, Appelbaum, Nemec and Rosenberg’s Midnight Radio banner (Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol, The Amazing Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) recently inked a first-look deal with CBS TV Studios. Mangold and Konrad’s Tree Line Films banner is also based at the studio.

Zoo was first put in development in October, with the network giving a production commitment to the drama. Konrad acquired the rights to the book shortly after it was published for a feature film and later approached Patterson about adapting the property as a TV series.

NEO NOTE:  But let’s hear now from Julia Vera, about her  trip to Canada to fulfill her role in an upcoming episode of the new ZOO tv series on CBS.  She writes:

Dear Neo.

Vancouver was beautiful. I was up there shooting ZOO, a CBS series. Flew out on March 17 and a car was waiting for me to take me to wardrobe . After wardrobe an assistant took me to sign my contract. I was taken to a hanger-like building to be taught how to shoot an M-16 and a AK-47. I asked the trainer to please take me step by step beginning with the bullets.

He showed me how to hold the guns and how to shoot them . They are real guns they just shoot blanks . So they are heavy. The AK-47 is heavier . All that took about 4 hours.

I was driven to my hotel . It was wonderful. Because of my being a member of the Actors Guild they have to put me up in a 4 Star Hotel . Also we union actors have to fly First Class . Lovely truly lovely.

I had the weekend to go around and explore. Monday I was picked up from the Hotel at 5:30 AM. to be on the set at 6:30AM. The day was beautiful with lots of sunshine and a nice breeze . We worked from sun up to sun down when we couldn’t see anymore.

Tuesday was totally different when it came to the weather. Cold, raining and the wind made it worse. We started shooting almost right away. Again from sun up to sun down. This is when I had to do lots of running and shooting. Over and over. 

I was afraid that my 76 years old body was going to let me down . I was wet all over because of the rain. My boots were soaking wet . I could not feel my feet anymore. But I kept going . In the scene my M-16 jams. So I have to run to where one of my sons has been killed . I run over to pick up the AK-47 and continue shooting at the bad guys . Of course, we did the scene over and over. 

Neo, I thank God all the time for giving me this blessings of acting . It is the most wonderful thing I have ever done. Its very fulfilling . It keeps me young and healthy cause one has to be in good shape to do all that action .

The main actors James Wolk, he is as nice as he is handsome. Sweetest guy. Hillary Jardine sweet lady and beautiful .The director was Michael Ketleman, he is also the executive producer of ZOO. and  he kept moving the shoot alone . He had a big responsibility to finish the scene before we had to leave and before the sun was no longer out . It was exciting and also very stressful .

The next day I left Vancouver for home . Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the people are so friendly . 

Got back in one piece .

Now I am waiting to hear about a new film that will shoot in Oklahoma .

Julia Vera Andrews
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