Report Animal Cruelty   


Such as Dog fighting, Cock Fighting, and any other animal abuse. 




A dog sits waiting in the hot midday sun; too faithful to leave, to frightened to run.

Heís been there for days now, with nothing to do, but sit by the road, just waiting for you.

He canít understand why you left him that day. He thought you were stopping to play.

Heís sure youíll come back and thatís why he stays. How long can he suffer? How many more days

His legs have grown weak, his throatís parched and dry. Heís sick now from hunger, he falls with a sigh.

He lays down his head and closes his eyes. I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies.


Editorís Note:

Abandoning animals on the side of a road or throwing them into someoneís backyard is animal cruelty.

If you no longer can take care of a dog or cat take him to The Laredo Animal Shelter at 2500 Gonzalez, where he will at least have a chance at life. Or call Animal Control at 795-2485      for pick-up.

Disposing these helpless animals on the streets is dooming them to a slow and painful death.

Have a Heart and do the right thing.




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