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Olivia age 14, 1943  



Robert C. Trimble's sister Cuca

Maria del Refugia (Cuca) Trimble was one of the first young Laredo women to play the role of Princess Pocahontas in the annual celebration.  In either 1901 or 1903 on the day of the parade, the young princess became frightened, and her horse had to be led along the entire parade route. (Ernesto Dovalina)


Circa 1947 Looking South on Avenida Guerrero N. Laredo, Tamaulipas Mex. Left to Right: Manuel Lopez, son Oscar Lopez, Jose T. Jimenez, Estanislado (Tanis) Garza and Jose Medina



Temo Rocha at Wal-Mart the day before it opened July 2002


              Bill Green, Estella Rodriguez, Norma                                      Sara P. Laas and Sylvia Bird


 Temo Rocha and Tito Tijerina (semita diet)                               Norma waiting for the next Train


                          Accordion Great Amadeo Flores                           Amadeo Flores then and now


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